Friday, March 13, 2009

Fallen off the wagon

So I have fallen off of the healty wagon again and cant seem to figure out how to get back on. 95% of me wants to be successful and reach my goals and get past this "stuff" while the other 5% of me is wanting all the junk I can find to eat and sit on my backside and do nothing. Unfortunately it feels like the 5% is stronger than the other 95%! I dont want to feel this way-I want to lose, to be healty, and do complete this 5k jogging all the way.
I am heading to Mexico tomorrow for a mission trip with my church, I am also taking a mental break from ME for a while. I am going to focus on the needs and happiness of those that will be around me that dont have as much as I have, but in some ways they actually have more. Hopefully I will come back with a new focus and desire. I am also joining a weightloss challenge with some friends, again ladies-we need motivation and accountability and support to be successful in anything we do. Have a great week and I pray we all find our motivation again :)

Thought for the day: Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aim for a Goal

Girls you all know how big I am at setting goals. I am now even more sold on them! It feels amazing when you reach them and it just gives you the desire to do more and push harder and go farther. As you know my goal is to JOG a 5k (3.2miles) on May 2nd. For some of you this is a breeze, for me...this is HUGE I have never jogged more than 5 minutes in my life. Well I havent been to the gym since Monday, life has been busy and I had a root canal this week. Well today I really had no desire to go to the gym and I got to thinking about the 5k and wondering (more like doubting) my ability to actually complete it, Remember I have a hard time completeing anything! So I thought why dont I just go outside and see just how far I really can go. Ladies after a short walk warm up I JOGGED non stop for a little more than 1.5 miles!! The sense of accomplishment I feel right now is amazing. I can do this, there really is a chance I can reach my goal by May 2nd!
I say all of this to encourage all of you to truly set a goal big or small goal and aim for it and reward yourself along the way at every mini goal, You will feel awesome when you do.

Have a blessed and motivated and successful weekend!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Anyone Out There......?

I havent posted because I felt like no one has been reading. But, even if one person reads this and it helps them then it is worth it and I will keep on posting. I was standing in my WW line today talking to a sweet sweet woman that has lost 80+ pounds and she is struggling with gaining some of it back. She said she isnt as motivated as she was when she first you guys ever feel that way? I sure do! She said she just wants that "spark" back and we were discussing ways to get that-try new foods, find new motivation, spring time should help, etc. I highly admire and respect this lady, she always is so positive and cheerful and today she looked at me and said something about not finishing this, just like everything else she fails or quits at. Wow-is she reading my mind?? It amazed me that this wonderful lady feels just like me sometimes. Ladies, we are not alone in our weight struggles!! She got to the scales and the receptionist told her.....You are Not a failure until you quit trying. Those were words we both needed to hear, I think we all need to hear them. Ladies this stinks, its hard, its no fun, and half the time I dont want to play anymore...BUT I know I have done this before and I know I can do it again and I dont want to quit, I truly do want to finally finish something I started and I want all of you right there finishing with me. Find some motivation-call me when you dont have any and lets get our focus back where it belongs!! WE CAN DO THIS!
Remember new goal is March 14th and we should be sharing scale tales still on Mondays.
I lost .6 today, not alot but better than my typical gain :)
Have a great and motivated week

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