Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Anyone Out There......?

I havent posted because I felt like no one has been reading. But, even if one person reads this and it helps them then it is worth it and I will keep on posting. I was standing in my WW line today talking to a sweet sweet woman that has lost 80+ pounds and she is struggling with gaining some of it back. She said she isnt as motivated as she was when she first you guys ever feel that way? I sure do! She said she just wants that "spark" back and we were discussing ways to get that-try new foods, find new motivation, spring time should help, etc. I highly admire and respect this lady, she always is so positive and cheerful and today she looked at me and said something about not finishing this, just like everything else she fails or quits at. Wow-is she reading my mind?? It amazed me that this wonderful lady feels just like me sometimes. Ladies, we are not alone in our weight struggles!! She got to the scales and the receptionist told her.....You are Not a failure until you quit trying. Those were words we both needed to hear, I think we all need to hear them. Ladies this stinks, its hard, its no fun, and half the time I dont want to play anymore...BUT I know I have done this before and I know I can do it again and I dont want to quit, I truly do want to finally finish something I started and I want all of you right there finishing with me. Find some motivation-call me when you dont have any and lets get our focus back where it belongs!! WE CAN DO THIS!
Remember new goal is March 14th and we should be sharing scale tales still on Mondays.
I lost .6 today, not alot but better than my typical gain :)
Have a great and motivated week


  1. I didn't lose any weight yesterday nor did I gain any weight - I "maintained" which I guess is better than gaining.

    I feel that when warm weather finally gets here and we can walk, walk, walk that will make a great big difference - we've got to reach our goals, we can't quit. I want to get to the size I want to be so I can stop thinking about losing weight - hope it's soon!

  2. Cheryl...I check this several times a week and I have been bummed that you have not added anything new. I am glad you are back to posting!

    I have been losing a pound a week. I have lost a total of 5 pounds since we started. I have not been exercising, just changing my eating habits. I am excited once again about losing weight and I cannot wait for Springtime to get here so I can be outside more. I think once I start exercising I will drop more weight.

    I now have a woman at work that is joining me in this endeavor and we are both excited! I hope I will continue with this new motivation!

  3. Sorry, I check about once a week, even though I don't always post anything. I set myself a goal of 10 lbs by May 1. I am booking a 5yr anniversary trip for Erik and I and we leave May 2nd. I've lost one pound over the past several weeks, but started back up at the gym Monday. =)


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