Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days and S'mores

you would think having 2 days off I would have had plenty of time to post! That stupid CSI locks me in everytime and no, I didnt walk in place during the shows. I wish I would have I am sure I would have burned millions of calories! These are the days that healty eating is challenging! Sitting here all day with kids asking for S'mores has not been easy! How are you all handling the weather? I see it just as anyother emotional eating time, try to get busy and focused on something other than food (scrapbooking is my plan), tell yourself "after I do this and this then I will get a snack"(exercise is a great idea here), or "if I still want that in one hour then I will have it", try flavored water as a filling pick me up, or find a lighter snack to munch on like light popcorn. I hope these ideas help! Also, go sled with the kids or shovel the drive way. These are fun and rewarding ways to burn some extra calories to make up for the S'mores :) Have a warm, relaxing, and motivated weekend!

Thought for the day: my mom uses this one at times: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friendly reminder...Its almost Monday!!

In case I cant post in the morning, here is your Tale From the Scale reminder early. How was your weekend? Mine was not successful in the way of weight loss/healty eating! I need some serious mojo to get me going! Thats what you ladies are here for :)
We are about half way to our goal date, are you about half way to your goal?
This week try to step it up a notch, if you are walking 30mins try for 35-40. If you are still struggling with portions, try to do the to-go box thing for half of your food when your meal arrives. If you are exercising 3 days, see if you can fit in one more. PUSH YOURSELF this week! Make a committment to CHANGE one thing this week, write it down for yourself, post it here, and tell us if you are able to stick to it by next Monday. For some of us the Feb.14th goal seems so big and so far away so we may need to set smaller ones to reach along the way.
My goal this week is to journal all my food everyday! I must do this or I know I will continue to not see the results that I want to see. Have a great week! I heard that shoveling snow (or ice) really burns those calories so...bring on the weather!!
Thought for the day: No matter what you think, everything you do really does make a difference!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 days...

22 days left to reach our first goal..How are you doing ladies? Please post and let me know you guys are actually reading this! I just wonder how often it is being checked and if I need to post more or less. I turned down a donut yesterday and felt really successful! Are you all seeing any changes other than at the scale..remember it isn't ALL about the tale from the scale! I am starting to feel alittle more in control of myself (today at least :) and it is a good feeling!
Have a great weekend!
Thought for the day: Do you really want to eat THAT???

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wii naked anyone?

I am hearing good tales from your scales! I know some of us are not seeing exactly what we want to see, but we are NOT giving up and that is what is important. Changes WILL come!
Way to go to those of you that lost! Way to go to those of you that maintained! Way to go to all of us for keeping up our activity the best that we could-even while sick or stressed! Again, it all comes down to smaller portions, better food choices, and activity. ANY activity-if strip Wii gets you motiviated..then get the controllers and get moving :)
I am not seeing much success on my end to be honest. I have been "mentally" tracking and it seems to me that my mentalilty might be slightly off...So starting today I am truly physically writing EVERYTHING that I eat. For those of you that arent seeing quite the results you are hoping for, you might try this along with me. There are many online versions of journaling that you can look at or just buy a cute notebook to keep track of what you eat, count calories, fat, or points (whatever works best for you) and hunger level. You might find you are eating for emotional needs and not physical needs more often then you think.
Have a blessed, motivated, and successful week and keep sharing all of the great comments-I appreciate what everyone of you have been sharing.
Thought for the day: I will benefit from the faith and encouragement of others!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Reminder today is your "TALE FROM THE SCALE" day. How do you each feel you are doing? I tried hard to stay mostly on track this weekend and balance out my food choices and get alot of exercise. I will know my TALE tonight at WW. I see from the poll that 71% of those that voted aren't motivated-What will help us????? Did anyone try a new food or activity for your challenge this week?
Have a great week, keep on working, stay focused on your Feb. 14th goal!!
Thought for the day: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels

Friday, January 16, 2009

mashed potatoes and starbucks

Went to the dentist yesterday for a crown and filling, ended up with that plus a pulled tooth. Now I have a giant hole in my head and am afraid to eat anything other than ice cream, mashed taters, and Starbucks...will this help or hurt my weight loss efforts???
No matter how much we plan, there are some things that are beyond our control-how we deal with them is what determines if we are successful or not. Especially situations with food! I am limited on what to eat, so I am just going to have to make a conscience effort to limit my portions and find other healthy soft items for a while. Not let the unexpected completely throw you off track, examine your options and do the best with what you have! I will be in a cabin cuddled with the hubby till Sunday-I promise I am going to get out and hike the trails :)
Keep posting without me and be ready for your tale on Monday!!
Dont forget this weeks challenge-try a new activity or new food this week-remember you won't be successful if you arent doing something you love!
Thought for the day: If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Does anyone have any motivation to spare?? Actually for the last two nights I have worked out and it is truly a refreshing feeling to be moving again! I really really want to not be motivated and just go to bed tonite, but I know that to make changes I really have to make changes...does that make sense? I am still waiting for responses on ideas to increase our motivation.
My motivation is to fit into the pants that I bought that were a little tight when I bought them and are now too tight to wear. Remember when I talked about making sure you have a goal? Take time to visualize that goal, find a way to remember it (picture, statement, item in closet, etc) to keep your focus. Remember we are LOSER CHICKS and we can do this!

thought for the day:Theres a brand new me on the way!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The poll and the scale...

I am so excited that everyone is sharing their scale tale! I know one pound doesnt sound like much but average is 1/2 to 2 pounds per week, so you are all doing just fine. I noticed that the poll says most of us arent motivated...anyone have tips on how to change this? At my WW meeting last night I heard this: If you arent doing something you love, you won't be successful at it. Do you love what you are doing? What you are eating? How you are exercising? If not, find foods and activities that are more enjoyable to you-then you will be more motivated to continue and you will see more success.
Challenge: try at least one new food and one new activity this week and comment on what it was and if you liked it or not.
Thought for the day: If you lose one pound a week you will lose 52 pounds this how does only one pound sound now? :)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Don't forget today is your TALE FROM THE SCALE day! I hope you are all having great success!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Focus on the Family

What a crazy weekend! Even though the reason for our trip was sad, I had a really good time with my mom and sister in Arkansas. For this weekend my focus was on my family, not my food. Yes, I could have made much better choices. No, I am not excited to step on the scale. But I had a great time with my family and some of the best times were around food and some involves slurping and fly swatters! We had a special lunch today to celebrate Garrens baptism tonite-again time to focus on Family not on food. My focus on ME and to be successful will restart tomorrow. I did buy a new workout DVD to start doing with Shawn while in Arkansas.

Have a happy, focused, motivated, and successful week!
Dont forget-WEIGH IN TOMORROW!!!
Thought for today: I must set my mind on more important things than food!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is the day...

This is the day that the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in matter how stressful the day may be!
Ladies I have had one crazy day and so goes the emotional eating side of me! I went a little crazy at dinner with some very thin crust pizza but it stopped there! I did not let the eating take over my night!
I will not be posting again until Sun night but I want to encourage you all to stay motivated this weekend and keep on posting in the comments for eachother. I have the ultimate stress eating test going on-I will be driving to Arkansas,for my wonderful uncles funeral. So this will be 2-3 days of nothing but eating out and staying at a hotel, not to mention just the general stress that goes along with this..BUT I know I gotta post when I get home so I am looking forward to what I want that post to say and I want to be proud of myself. Remember we must have a goal and a vision of us reaching that goal to be successful. Have a wonderful weekend-don't forget to log your exercise :)
Thought for the day: When God says it will work out, it works out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just my thoughts: When I had started the weigh in part I was only thinking of telling like gained 2 or lost 1.5 etc. It is up to each of you if you want to put your actual weekly weight. I dont want anyone to be uncomfortable by sharing, but some of us might do better if we actually see that full number each week as we get to write it and watch the numbers get smaller and smaller.

Tale From The Scale

Did everyone weigh yesterday? I thougt and forgot about posting!! I weighed and it wasn't great but it was definately better today. I look forward to hearing everyones Tale.
Thanks for all of the postings on Sunday. I completely agree with the comments that you have to give yourself treats or you wont stay on track. For me, right now if I give in to all of the "treats" I will never make progress, I tend to give myself an inch but end up taking a foot! The important part is the accountability with what you eat. If I did eat 4 peices of pizza on Sunday than I should probably skip the ice cream on Monday, but will I???? some of us can't do that yet-which is were our big problem is I think. I am by no means in no way necessarily selling the Weight Watchers plan but I will say that IT WORKS and that is what I am following now. The reason it works is that its truly not a diet that I do for a few days, lose alot of weight, eat again like normal, and gain twice as much back(been there done that, it was horrible) WW is all about lifetime lifestyle change, accountability, and portion and habits. You are can eat whatever you want you just have to be accountable for your choices. Ex. I can eat the pizza and count the points but I will choose to eat something lighter later that day. WW also teaches how to change and manage habits to help kick the emotional mindless eating that we tend to do. These are all things that can be done on our own. I truly dont care how you lose-it just needs to be safe, practical, and sustainable. So as you start this journey look at what you are doing with food now and see if it follows the three things above-if so then you go girl!! If not, please post and we will gladly help you find a healthier option. Happy Eating and have a Happy Week!!
Thought for the day: I'm not letting my stomach push me around anymore!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wants, needs, and bikinis....

I wasn't going to post on Sundays, but I just felt the need to share and remind everyone tomorrow is "TALE FROM THE SCALE" day!
so for my title-Just wanted to share how my day went-Ladies I want to have success so bad that it is driving me crazy, but even with all the mental determination my goals and plans get lost in my emotions.
Let me start off by this morning I asked kid #1 if he wanted pizza today-of course yes was the answer. After church kid #1 still said yes but kid#2 says no way! I want subway-so here starts the delimma!
The WANT: I wanted pizza, I could taste it, smell it, picture it and the rolls that would follow on my plate
The NEED: I needed to eat a healty sub (with spinach to help my possible low iron to help keep me warm)
here is how bad my emotions took over-We went to the sub place got kid #1 and #2 a sub then proceeded to go next door and order a pizza for me and hubby. I even got caught on this venture by a fellow weight loss friend, and I really think seeing her seeing me is what got me to realize how emotionally off this was!
honestly ladies after this event and eating the pizza I realized that I honestly would rather have eaten the NEED instead of the WANT! after this event, I walked into a store (with a "light" WANT coffee drink in hand) and saw the new section of bikinis!
To get to my ultimate goal and close to a bikini I have got to let go of the WANTS and focus on the NEEDS. I say all of this to say there will be great days and bad days we just have to make sure the good out weigh the bad and that the bad are limited to a day, not a week, month, or the rest of the year. THIS, is why I started the LOSER CHICKS-for support and encouragement on days like these.
I will end by saying I am glad this day happened and it made me realize I cant do it alone and I need the FULL support of all those around me, around each of us to have success. Hubby is now on track with a goal of 60 lbs to lose and we have a plan in the works!
Have a blessed evening and happy day tomorrow-I look forward to your "Tale"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting Started

So how is everyone doing so far this year? It is difficult to get started with a new routine, it is even more difficult to maintain the new routine...that is why we are here!!!
I have already had a rocky start with making good food choices and finding the time to work out, but I WANT THIS!! So I just have to focus on the outcome that I want to achieve. I went snow tubing in OKC which was fun until I had to carry not one, but two intertubes up a big flight of stairs. It made me mad that I was huffing and puffing after that, I am too young to be this out of shape. But, I am determined to to this, for ME, for my family, for my health and happiness.
Be sure to keep track of your exercise time for the CHALLENGE! A great way to add to your motivation is to already have a reward in place for when you reach your Feb. 14th goal-how about a manicure, a new shirt, or some jewelry? Something for YOU that you will enjoy.

Thought for the day: I want my life to be much more than food and drink!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year! Time for out with the old and in with the new! Not only is today the first day of 2009 it is also the First day of the rest of your life. Starting TODAY starting NOW start making the serious permanent changes to your lifestyle to improve your physical and emotional health. I am so excited that so many of you are joining me for this journey, I hope we can give each other the support and motivation needed to succeed.
CHALLENGE:I would like to start an exercise challenge From Jan. 1 to Feb.1
log in with your time spent in intentional activity each day. Log in daily or weekly-which ever works best for you. We are going off of the honor system here ladies! On Feb 1st I will add up who has logged the most activity minutes and we will have a winner with a prize.
So get ready, get set, go...and make today be the day you start being a LOSER Chick!

If you are having problems logging in to post comments,please send me a message on facebook and let me know.

TODAYS THOUGHT: There's a brand new me on the way!

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