Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aim for a Goal

Girls you all know how big I am at setting goals. I am now even more sold on them! It feels amazing when you reach them and it just gives you the desire to do more and push harder and go farther. As you know my goal is to JOG a 5k (3.2miles) on May 2nd. For some of you this is a breeze, for me...this is HUGE I have never jogged more than 5 minutes in my life. Well I havent been to the gym since Monday, life has been busy and I had a root canal this week. Well today I really had no desire to go to the gym and I got to thinking about the 5k and wondering (more like doubting) my ability to actually complete it, Remember I have a hard time completeing anything! So I thought why dont I just go outside and see just how far I really can go. Ladies after a short walk warm up I JOGGED non stop for a little more than 1.5 miles!! The sense of accomplishment I feel right now is amazing. I can do this, there really is a chance I can reach my goal by May 2nd!
I say all of this to encourage all of you to truly set a goal big or small goal and aim for it and reward yourself along the way at every mini goal, You will feel awesome when you do.

Have a blessed and motivated and successful weekend!


  1. I know you can do it! Dont give up! I did my weekly weigh in today and I have gained a pound from last week. Since the weather is better this week, I am hoping to add exercise this week even if it is just walking. I am going to sit down and make an exercise goal for the week!


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