Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Burning calories and getting bargains

I have been at the mall most of the day, not only did I get some great bargains I also met my goal and walked over 10,000 steps-over 3 miles! While shopping!!! Like Renee says, the exercise is working. Get a plan to exercise but dont limit it to "gym"mentality. Get creative roam the mall, Wal-Mart, etc. Park farther away, take groceries in one bag at a time, play the Wii, walk, wrestle, play ball with the kids..the possibilities are endless. Just remember Any movement is better than no movement. Exercise not only helps the weight and the inches it also helps relieve stress and depression and increases motivation!! I am planning on starting an exercise challenge on Jan. 1st, so ladies you have one day to get your plan together!
I ate at two restaurants without advance notice of where I was going (planning ahead is the best way to plan what to eat) and while I didn't eat the BEST choice, I definately ate the much BETTER choice of what I would have chosen before I decided to be a loser chick! As you are changing your eating habits, you dont have to do a drastic change all at once, do it step by step so you are more likely to be satisfied and motiviated. I heard something yesterday I want to share: Its not what you eat between Christmas and New Years that matters, its what you eat between New Years and Christmas that makes the difference!
Enjoy your last day of 2008 tomorrow and get ready for a great 2009!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


The big Weigh In!

So today was my first weigh in, I am back on track with WW and my mom is going with me. I have learned that my weight like most people goes up down up down it just never comes back in the same place I lose it! But I think I do these ups and downs because I lose focus of what is important and get side tracked with everything else. I lose focus of ME and what I need, as busy moms and wifes and all the other roles we play we take care of everyone and everything else first and then forget about ourself. For 2009 I am giving you all permission to put yourself FIRST. I promise it is worth it. If you take time for yourself physically as well as mentally than you can take care of the other things better than ever. Remember if momma aint happy, nobody's happy! As this year ends and the new one begins reflect back and think of what you liked and didn't like of 2008 and make the changes necessary for 2009.
Get a plan, it sounds like most of you have stated your first goal and even know what you are going to do to get there. Please write out your plan and post it wherever you need to see it (yes your house may look like it has sticky note wallpaper by the time you are done) when you make your plan it MUST have 2 things, it must be attainable and sustainable. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Getting started

Here I am again...taking this weight loss road. This time I want to be helpful to others while they help me. I named this LOSER CHICKS because we are chicks and I want us to LOSE the WEIGHT, LOSE the inches, LOSE the LOW SELF ESTEEM, LOSE the BAD HABITS, and in return GAIN confidence, GAIN new habits, GAIN new friends, GAIN the things we have each personally LOST over time that we want back.
I will post daily thoughts, tips, comments, challenges, etc. please join in. Feel free to invite other friends!

I am asking everyone to comment back with your first goal:
1. What do you want by Feb. 14th?

Also comment back each Monday with your "tale from the scale" just how much you lose/gain do not feel you need to leave the actual weight number

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