Thursday, February 19, 2009

Way to go Loser Chicks!

Due to computer and body difficulties I havent posted this week-very sorry! Way to go to all that have posted with their success stories, keep up the good work! I have found a new desire and a new motivation! I had to go buy fat pants and that was THE END no more games I am dead on focused now. I have been on program all week and already feel better and not like the glutenous pig I have been feeling like :) My new motivation.......Drum roll please.......I am going to participate in the Run to Breathe 5K in Owasso on May 16th!!!! What a great motivator, and you are all invited to train right along with me. So look at your motivation, is it really a good enough thing to truly motivate you? Do you need to find something to commit to to get your backside in gear? I will be gone most of the weekend at a marriage retreat :) Have a great weekend-stay focused-stay motivated and I will post more next week.

At the end of your day will you say I'm glad I did or I wish I had??


  1. With my new motivation, I have lost a total of 4 pounds since I started this in January. I lost 2 pounds this last week and I am so excited! I have just adjusted my diet, so now I have to add exercise. I have been working a ton of overtime so its hard to find time to work that in. I am hoping to lose 10 pounds by the next goal date.

  2. I am getting a little discouraged and I think it comes from a week of being sick and feeling completely unmotivated. Even being sick, I managed to gain weight - ugh! I am hoping this next week will move me along in a better direction. Trying to fit into my pants today was not fun and made me so sad!


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