Friday, February 13, 2009

Tomorrow is goal day!

I havent heard much from you guys! Stacey has commented that she has met her goal and then some....You go girl!! How is everyone else doing? I am not being as successful as I would like but I am learning new things about myself and sometimes that is more important than watching the scale change. I have been itching to get active, especially when I am stressed or very emotional. I have realized that this may be why I stuff my face full of chocolate :) When I am in stress mode I usually dont have the time to stop, change clothes and shoes, find a sitter, and go for a walk to burn off that "need" but I do have time to shove food in my mouth, chew quickly, and get that momentary "need" taken care of...does that make sense? I have discovered the problem, now I need to find a better solution. Any thoughts?
Tomorrow is Valentines and goal day-let me know how you have all done with meeting your goal! The next goal will be determined and posted tomorrow...Stay tuned and stay motivated!

Thought for the day:If you cheat, you lose everything but weight!


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